Business grade VOIP services

End users and business’s can utilise VOIP immediately, cost effectively and transparently.  Works on all devices including Iphones, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Ip Phones PC’s and MAC’s with no loss in call quality, but with the addition of a stack of features and call rates that you can’t get from any PSTN or Mobile provider.

Free VOIP Calls on Iphone and Ipad

Rates are for calls to anywhere and at anytime

Transcom, a UK company, has been in operation with its sister facilities (Transcom ISP and Transcom Satcoms) for over twenty years, and offer’s unique VOIP services, packages and rates and our very special Follow Me Numbers

  • Free global calls between multiple extensions
  • 10 special packages for Ultra cheap rates
  • Credit that has no time limitations
  • 14 Unique and rich features
  • DID Dialin Numbers for any country and town
  • *NEW  Find Me Follow Me – Local Numbers
  • Login with immediate CDR – Call Data Records
  • Free Software for any device including PC’s and Mac’s
  • Immediate access on free signup

* Follow Me Numbers do not need any account or setup

OK, lets get started… its free, quick, and easy….


There are many free apps that can be found by searching for ‘sip softphone’ in google or the apple / android stores, we recommend the following free ones :

Transcom VOIP iphone Setup and Software Transcom VOIP Android setup and software Transcom VOIP Blackberry setup and software Transcom VOIP PC or MAC setp and software

Transcom VOIP works over both WiFi and GSM, however, for GSM you need to have a good 4G connection and if possible, use the G729 codec as it uses less bandwidth, which makes it suitable for 4G. Most softphone applications have the G729 codec, but normally at an addition upgrade cost of around £4.99.

Transcom VOIP users are entitled to a 50% discount on Transcom ISP services, contact us for a voucher code.