New Feature – Maximum Channel Capacity Failover

We would like to notify you of the release of our Maximum Channel Capacity Failover Feature.

Some of you leverage only for SIP Trunking with your PBX and do not wish to make use of our sub-accounts feature. Therefore, to allow you to have a better control of your call flow, you can now set a maximum channel capacity at the DID level.

For instance, you could have a hard limit of 25 inbound channels for a specific DID, but decide to put a failover to a voicemail as soon as the number of channels exceeds 10.

To start leveraging this feature, head over to your customer portal, “DID Numbers” then “Manage DID(s)”. Edit the DID of your choice, and click the “Failover” button at the top right of your screen. You will then see a new failover option called “Max. Capacity”. Simply click the “Enabled” checkbox, set the desired limit and select the failover destination. For more information, you may consult our Wiki article here.

Please note that while the default limit of inbound channels is set at 25 channels per DID, it can be raised upon request with no additional charges. To do so, please reach out to our support team through our live chat or through email at

Thanks for being a customer and we hope you will enjoy this new feature.

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