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Why do you need an 1800 customer service number?

Everyone has probably used or at least seen an 1800 customer service number to contact a business. You can find them in commercials, on billboards, and on other marketing materials. To the average customer, a toll-free number is simply a way to call the business without incurring charges on their landline. But a toll-free number […]

8 Initial steps to SIP Trunking Safely

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is garnering a lot of conversation. Some parties worry that it could expose areas of vulnerability. Such could lead to phone fraud and corporate espionage. There is a fear that you give access to third parties to your phone conversations. But, despite the concerns, the uptake of the SIP trunking […]

Workplace communication: tips to improve it easily

Communication is the foundation for every relationship and business process. Without effective workplace communication, you cannot hope to complete projects or deliver results. Organizations that have better workplace communication outperform those that do not. Successful companies often attribute their success to effective leadership and communication. Why is workplace communication important? Workplace communication is necessary throughout […]

10 essential customer service skills for a call center agent

Most businesses spend a lot of time, money, and effort on customer acquisition. All that marketing and advertising to get a new customer is certainly good for growth. But it would be for nothing if you ignore your loyal current customers. What good is gaining 1 new customer if you lose 2 existing ones due […]

Inside sales vs outside sales: what is better for your business?

Inside sales vs outside sales – is one better than the other? Which one should you focus on for your business? Like many other business topics, this one generates plenty of debate. And like many other issues, the answer is not straightforward. The right choice depends on factors particular to your business.  Before getting into […]

Virtual town hall meetings best practices

Town halls have quite the history, long before they entered the corporate world. They provide an opportunity for citizens to communicate with government leaders. A town hall allows for 2-way communication.  Corporate town halls serve similar functions. Instead of citizens, you have employees and senior management instead of bureaucrats or officials. Corporate town halls are […]

How to run an effective virtual meeting

There are a few words that have become synonymous with the 2020 pandemic – quarantine, social distancing, lockdown, work from home, and virtual meetings to name a few examples. Virtual meetings are not new to the world of business but the pandemic has turned it into an essential tool for millions of workers across the […]

Integrating VoIPstudio with ZoiPer

One of the advantages of using VoIP is that mobile devices can be easily integrated into your enterprise phone system. Some companies allow employees to use their own personal devices to make work calls (BYOD policy) while others prefer to issue official devices for the same purpose. VoIP can accommodate either policy or even mixed-usage, […]

Causes and solutions to VoIP call drops

Normally, you receive and set up a call phone correctly. Calling parties are able to communicate each other. But all is suddenly cut off while talking for a few seconds. Usually about 30 seconds. What causes voip calls to be cut off? This can happen when we use softphones or IP terminals with SIP session initiation protocol. […]