Caller ID Filtering

CallerID Filtering Information
CallerID Filtering is a tool that let you create incoming routing rules according to incoming CallerID number. You can apply different rules to some or all of your DID(s) numbers. You can create as many filters as you want. Each filter you create can filter according to one the following criterias and change the routing if there’s a match.

– Anonymous CallerID
– Invalid North American CallerID (NPANXXXXXX)
– Custom CallerID Number of your choice

Some usage scenarios

– An annoying telemarketing firm has been calling your number. You can block that specific number and configure your filter to play the following recording to this CallerID “That number is no longer in service, please hang-up and try again” followed by a busy tone.

– Your business DID is configured to route to your receptionist SIP phone. You would like to receive the calls directly on your Cell Phone when the CallerID matches one of your important client. Simply create a forwarding entry with your cellphone, then create a CallerID Filtering rule with the CallerID of your client and select your Cell Phone forwarding entry as the routing.

– You have a local number with the 214 area code and do not want Callers from this area code to dial your toll-free number, when this happen, you want to playback a message to those callers indicating the local number, you can create a Filter with 214* and redirect routing to a pre-recorded message you have uploaded to the system.

Using Wildcard for pattern matching:

Some examples, for this example we’ll assume CallerID Number is 2145550000:
2145550000, 214*, 214XXX0000, 214XXXXXXX and 214XXX00* are examples that would match CallerID 2145550000 while 214XXX7* and 214XXX are examples that would NOT match the CallerID.