E911 Information

About the Transcom VOIP 911/e911 Emergency Service

Traditionally, dialing 911 anywhere within the United States and Canada from a business or residential landline routes your call to a local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) dispatcher who is trained to aid you in emergency situations by dispatching emergency medical, fire and law enforcement agencies to your location. The dispatcher is instantly provided with your physical address information.

VoIP 911 Service differs from traditional 911 services due to limitations brought on by VoIP technology. It is nearly impossible to detect where a call originates from when placed over the internet. e911 allows users to associate physical addresses with their DIDs, allowing them to have service similar to traditional 911.

When an emergency (911) call is placed over our VoIP network, the physical address you will enter at the time of e911 registration for a specific DID will be passed along to your local PSAP providing the dispatcher with the exact location help is required.

Use of our 911 Service costs a recovery setup fee of $ 1.50 on activation and a regulatory recovery fee of $ 1.50 per DID number activated per month. We do not make a cent on this charge, it is simply what we must pay to provide you with this service.

You are not required to enable this feature. However, you will not be able to dial 911 from your Transcom VOIP account unless you have activated this service.

To test that your CallerID is working properly, Dial 1-555-555-0911 from VoIP.ms Network. The system will playback your CallerID, then make a short pause, and play the test result. To make sure your device/switch is correctly configured for e911, you must ensure that your CallerID number matches exactly the DID number that is activated for 911. That is the only way to identify you correctly. Otherwise your 911 call will not go through. Correctly formatted CallerID consist of a 10 digits number, identical to your DID. For example, if your DID is 555.555.1234, your CallerID number should be 5555551234.