Free Calling with Extensions

If you use an ATA Adapter, an IP phone or a Softphone connected directly to the Transcom VOIP servers, you can create an Internal Extension. This will allow you to call for free, other sub accounts you may have with us. This will work only for SIP or IAX. Your extension will always start with 10, followed by the digits you will enter in the extension field. If you enter 1, your extension will be 101.

You can have any number of extensions in any country, all contactable at no cost to either party, simply dial the extension number and your connected.

The Voicemail selected in the Internal Extension is the voicemail Transcom VOIP will use to send the MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) to the device registered using this Sub Account

Additionally, this internal extension can also be used as an external SIP URI. For example, if your extension is 2, you could be reached directly via SIP from another network with a URI like this: 1514812@sip.transcom.net