Phone Book

Phonebook Information

The phonebook serves 3 purposes:

1. You can program Speed-Dial Keys, allowing you to place a call by just pressing a reduced number of keys. This function is particularly useful if you dial certain numbers on a regular basis.

2. You can program Speed-Dial Keys to SIP URI’s. for example, you could program *7501 to dial

3. If any incoming calls to one of your numbers matches a phone number in the phonebook, the Caller-ID name of the incoming calls will be set to the entry on the phonebook. For example, if you have a phonebook entry with the number 5552221234 associated to the name “John Smith”, when you receive a call from 5552221234, the CallerID name will be displayed as “John Smith”.


1. For each phonebook entry, you can also configure a “CallerID Number Override”. When you use a Speed-Dial entry that has a CallerID Number override, your default CallerID number will be changed to the override you have configured in the phonebook entry.

2. You can import and export your phonebook, the format is CSV (Comma-separated values).


The prefix to dial your speed dial entries is *75. Example: If you want to dial entry 01, you need to dial *7501 from your phone. It’s not currently possible to offer a different prefix.