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Asterisk Connect 2 servers Chinese

IAX Method (working for me) 以下是粗淺的中文翻譯,中文不確定的部份或便於理解會附上(英文) 底下是連線架構圖,兩台 asterisk server 使用 IAX 協定來連線。 更多的資料請參考: https://cesar8489.blogspot.com/


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Transcom has launched a new SEO (Search Engine Optimisation Service) for a fixed fee, based on its 18 years of ISP experience, and on months of trials and tests, results acheived being extremely positive, before you consider this, jump here for a free keyword analysis of your current site. Despite what you may hear from […]

Transcom New Soft Switch Site

At last, and after many years, transcom’s Softswitch website has been completely rebuilt, and includes gold, silver and least cost routing options, as well as a new Fast Track topup facility, the account creation has also been simplified. Theres still free credit when you signup for an account, and a new version of the PC […]