Media5-fone for Android phones (ie Samsung)

The Media5-fone® for Android™ is a softphone application that runs on Android v2.1 and higher smartphones. It is a SIP Client (softphone) that enables users to make and receive VoIP calls. VoIP calls are calls established over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection using the IP technology of the Media5-fone. You can hence use your Android smartphone as an IP-PBX phone extension in your office or anywhere else in the world.

Universal SIP Interoperability and voice quality is achieved based on the award-winning M5T SCE (SIP Client Engine) Mobility SDK, integrated and used around the world. Therefore, with the Media5-foneapplication, your Android device can be interconnected in a snap with all major SIP PBX vendors and SIP Service Providers; whether they are open source (such as Asterisk) or closed source (such as Broadsoft).

Configuration is very easy, follow the wizard after downloading and running the application, there are very few parameters needed.

Download the application on your phone by clicking here, or search for media5-fone on your device

Press ‘Start’

Under new SIP Account select ‘Define Manually’

Title : An account name of your choice
Username : As issued when you setup an account with us, starts 151481_
Password : As issued
Servers : After clicking, at the top enter next to Address :

You can now make and receive calls.

Full User Guide