Follow Me Numbers

Follow Me Numbers – from Transcom VOIP

Select any number in the world and have it diverted to your mobile, land line, PC, MAC or IP Phone.   We have millions of numbers in every town in every country, so you can either make your business or location close to you, or branch out and offer services anywhere in the world….  within minutes !

These numbers require no setting up or contracts, and there is no cost involved in changing your diverts at any time, all of which can be different destinations for ‘Unavailable’ , ‘Busy’ and ‘No Answer’ .  Each number has up to 25 lines

You can select different number types :

  • Free Phone          [ie 0800, 0808]
  • Non Geographic  [ie 0845, 0871 etc]
  • Geographic          [ie 0208, 01491]

Forward to any device with ALL the features listed here

  • Mobiles
  • Landlines     [Ultra Low Cost]
  • Ip Phones    [Free]
  • Pc’s / Macs  [Free]
  • SIP / URI    [Free]

Note : Some forwarding destinations may involve a small per minute charge, if this is the case, any amounts can be either drawn down from any credit made online or by monthly invoice.